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Tips for tenants: creating a portable garden

about 3 years ago
Tips for tenants: creating a portable garden

We don’t need to reiterate how important outside space is and searches for properties to rent with gardens or balconies continue to grow. Having somewhere to sit outside, entertain and even grow your own produce is the end goal for many but getting to that point involves an investment of both time and money.

If you’re living in a rented property, it can be galling to think all your hard work digging, planting, pruning and perfecting has to be left behind when you move to a new property but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to create a totally portable garden that can give you just as much pleasure in your next property.

Here’s our guide to creating a garden that’s good to go:-

Pots and planters: flowerbeds are the backbone of many gardens but they don’t pack up and fit on the back of a removal van. Pots, however, can be moved from property to property and will last for years. Opt for lightweight plastic or faux stone planters and half fill with recycled polystyrene to keep the weight down further, making them easier to move. 

Pick plants wisely: specimen shrubs and mature plants are investment purchases, and there is no guarantee that they will survive or thrive if dug up and replanted in your next garden. Be prudent when choosing plants for your rented property’s garden. If you use markers, bulbs can be dug up, dried out and replanted, or choose plants that set to seed, as these can be collected, stored in a labelled envelope and grown again elsewhere.

Freestanding cooking: while the current trend is for outdoor kitchens, going to the effort of building somewhere to cook in the garden isn’t wise in a rented property – especially as it may break a clause in your tenancy agreement if it is a permanent alteration. Opt for freestanding BBQs and table top pizza ovens that can be enjoyed in any garden.

Lights and lanterns: fairy lights and festoon bulbs add instant atmosphere to any garden but avoid anything that is hard wired or runs off mains electricity. Battery operated and solar powered lights are inexpensive and moveable, or choose lanterns and candles that easily fit in a packing-up box.

Soft furnishings: garden rooms are all over social media and if you’ve joined the trend with waterproof cushions, throws and outdoor rugs, you’ll need a smart way to transport them or risk your soft furnishings taking over the removal van. One solution is to use vacuum storage bags that will reduce the biggest pile of cushions to a more manageable, airtight stack.

Garden furniture: who doesn’t love swinging in an egg chair or lounging on an outdoor sofa but how easy are these items to move? Bulky furniture may ramp up your removal costs, so look out for folding alternatives. Old fashioned collapsible deckchairs and sun loungers are in vogue, while folding bistro sets are both small and lightweight. 

If your next move is motivated by outside space – or if you have a property to rent out that has an amazing garden – get in touch today.

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