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Garden dos and don’ts this summer

3 months ago
Garden dos and don’ts this summer

What kind of outdoor person are you? Lush lawns and well-tended flower beds? Do you prefer to focus on fun, with a trampoline and hot tub? Or are you all about the atmosphere, with festoon lights and firepits?  

Gardens are a key selling point and analysis by AXA found a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to a home’s value. The people at Post Office Money think a beautiful garden adds even more – its own study found homeowners who spent  £2,750 on garden landscaping could add 77% onto the value of their property.  

When it comes to gardens, there are two aspects to consider: what elements add or detract from the home’s value, and what elements appeal to buyers or put them off. We’ve read the research and have compiled the following list of dos and don’ts.  


Don’t rip up real grass: a survey by Power Sheds found artificial grass was a real turn off among potential purchasers. In fact, it was voted the most undesirable feature, with 55% of respondents saying they didn’t like faux lawns. This translates to up to £15,000 being wiped from a home’s value. Tempted to remove a lawn altogether? A separate survey by Roofing Megastore found no grass at all could cost a homeowner almost £6,000 in value.   

Don’t dig a swimming pool or pond: water features can bring joy to homeowners but future buyers view them with suspicion. As well as the safety aspect, the cost and time to maintain such elements can be off putting. The Power Sheds survey found 39% of purchasers would be prevented from making an offer on a house with a swimming pool, while Roofing Megastore discovered a pond could devalue a property by just over £5,000.  

Don’t fit an inground trampoline: many hours have been spent bouncing on trampolines but the inground variety, which sits flush with the grass, is just as off putting as a swimming pool, say Power Sheds. It says 55% of those taking part in its survey found an inground trampoline unattractive.  


Do repair anything that’s damaged: broken or rotten garden elements are detrimental in two ways: the sight is not very appealing and buyers may try to negotiate money off the asking price in order to make repairs. Damaged garden walls, broken guttering, a cracked or damaged patio and broken fences can each wipe more than £5,000 off a property’s value.   

Do tidy away garden toys: it’s only natural for children to play outside during the summer months but a garden strewn with toys can look messy and can devalue a home by £5,025, says Roofing Megastore. Use sheds and storage solutions to tidy up before photographs are taken and before viewings.   

Do find your green fingers: unkempt gardens are a big issue when it comes to attracting buyers and inviting the best offers. In fact, Roofing Megastore found dead trees or plants can reduce a home’s worth by £5,215, while overgrown weeds in pathways and borders can knock a further £5,155 off. Set aside a weekend to prune, weed, mow and cut back.  

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market this summer, there will be a great appetite for houses with gardens and flats with balconies. Contact us and we can match a buyer on our list with your home.

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