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Colour inspiration for 2023

over 1 year ago
Colour inspiration for 2023

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 is Wild Wonder and this golden beige is going to be big news in the coming 12 months. While the shade has been released by a paint manufacturer, it is set to influence how we accessorise our homes. In fact, you don’t even need to pick a paintbrush to embrace Wild Wonder where you live. 

Your new neutral has arrived

If you were tiring of grey as an overriding colour, rejoice. Wild Wonder is ushering in a new era of neutrals that are warmer and more interesting. Dulux’s selected colour is light enough to become a room’s dominant shade but its yellow and green undertones push it into golden territory – creating a space that’s far less austere than grey. Opt for a large floor rug, full length curtains or a sofa in a golden tone and you’ll instantly add cosiness to a room.

House blend

The beauty of Wild Wonder is its ability to sit harmoniously with other colours. You can keep your walls the same shade as they are – even if that’s grey – and Wild Wonder will fit right in with ease.  

The colour experts at Dulux have simplified the art of choosing colours that complement Wild Wonder by releasing four fresh colour palettes that work in tandem with 2023’s chosen shade.

Lush: looking to the natural world

Green is another colour trend that is forecast to dominate in 2023 and the Dulux team has drawn inspiration from gardens, forests and woodlands when curating the Lush collection. The earthiness of Wild Wonder has been paired with a number of greens, from the palest Spun Mohair to deep Sea Holly. This collection of colours harmonises particularly well with matt gold accessories and house plants.

Buzz: pastels taken up a notch

The Buzz collection of colours acknowledges the colour space that sits somewhere between delicate pastels and bright vibrant. Here Wild Wonder provides an easy-on-the-eye base shade for delicious sorbet hues, such as Rocksalt Rose, and for richer highlights, including Manuka Honeybee. If you have open shelves in the kitchen, add crockery and glassware in Buzz’s colours for freshness.

Raw: earthy tones take over

This palette takes our love of neutrals and moves it further into the natural world. Inspired by raw materials, there are darker colours that will cocoon – such as Precious Peat and Acorn Cap – and lighter hues to provide balance. Try Wild Wonder, Malted Caramel and Brave Ground when choosing bedlinen.

Flow: ozone fresh

Wild Wonder is a surprising partner for cooler, crisp colours but its green undertones warrant its inclusion in the Flow palette. Reminiscent of coastal locations, glacial whites, pale blues and stormy greys are prevented from feeling too cold with the inclusion of Wild Wonder’s golden warmth and the deep richness of Midwinter Tide. Apply liberally in bathrooms by adding coordinating towels, bath mats and accessories.  

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