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5 feng shui basics for the keen seller

12 months ago
5 feng shui basics for the keen seller

Whether you have an open mind at the start of the sales process or have been on the market for some time and are looking for any extra advantage, the art of feng shui can be deployed to help sell your home.

Usually only a small pool of sellers cross paths with feng shui – notably those whose property is popular with Far East purchasers, for whom feng shui is important when decision making. In fact, you may have read a recent story about the founder of Addison Lee, John Griffin, calling in a feng shui master to ensure his mansion for sale was as harmonious as possible after buyer interest from Singapore.

While the majority of sellers do not have a mansion to offload, nor purchasers from the Far East queuing up to view the property, those on the market should not dismiss feng shui out of hand. Many of the principles can help get a property in shape before a ‘for sale’ board goes up, while some of the more unconventional ideas just might surprise you. If you’re not sure where to start, here are five feng shui principles that apply to selling a property.

1. Creative positive energy at the front of your property

Estate agents often talk about kerb appeal and feng shui also places great emphasis on the exterior of a property. The most important aspect is your front door as it is your ‘face’ to the world and also where energy enters the property.

Repaint using a colour chosen according to your front door’s orientation. Opt for black or dark grey for a north-facing door, white or grey for a west-facing door, red for a south-facing door or black, dark grey, navy blue or forest green for an east-facing door. The door number should be clean, easily seen and not wonky, and any exterior lights should be working and turned on at night. Driveways, porches and front gardens should also be neat, tidy and cleared of any rubbish.

2. Cut clutter to let good energy flow

Clutter is a big mistake when it comes to feng shui as it clogs up the flow of energy around the home. Follow the mantra of  ‘rehome, reduce and recycle’, leaving only the possessions you really want to take with you to a new home. Clutter also comes in the form of furniture. Feng shui dictates that doorways should not be blocked so if your home is stuffed with too many sofas and chairs, making it hard to enter a room or move around, decrease the number of items.

3. Banish bad vibes by fixing anything that’s broken

Prospective sellers like to see a well-kept home and so do followers of feng shui. Anything that is broken can create negative energy so there’s double the benefit when undertaking repairs. From fence panels, cupboards and windows to bathroom tiles, light bulbs and door handles, ensure everything is in good working order. The same can be said about paintwork – remove anything that’s flaking, fill holes and cracks, and repaint.

4. Make sure you all agree about selling up

Now for the more psychological side of feng shui and selling your home, so get ready for some left-field thinking! Experts believe everyone living in the home has to be on board with the idea of selling up for the sale to be successful. If someone is against the idea, their negative energy may be felt by prospective buyers so don’t list your property until the entire household is united.

5. Visualise letting go

Guiding feng shui principles also require homeowners to stop thinking about a property as ‘theirs’ before a sale and instead, commit to the idea that someone else should live in the home. Sometimes a ‘cord cutting’ exercise is a good way to overcome any emotional attachment, as zany as it sounds. Visualise a physical cord between yourself and your home and repeat the affirmation – in your head or out loud – ‘it’s time to move on, it’s time for a change, thank you for having us’, before visualising yourself actually cutting the cord. While you may feel a little silly, this exercise is designed to shift the energy with your property.

We are on hand to explain the selling process for those who need a refresher. Our advice covers everything, from pricing to presentation. Contact us and book a valuation visit today.

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