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5 design tricks you can pack up and take with you

over 2 years ago
5 design tricks you can pack up and take with you

Whether you’re a homeowner upgrading your property to make it more appealing to buyers or you’re a design-driven tenant who can’t make permanent changes to their pad, sometimes it makes sense to pursue moveable home improvements. 

It’s actually possible to execute a total home makeover without opening a single tin of paint or making a heavy investment in permanent fittings. The following five temporary design fixes are relatively cheap, easy wins when it comes to perking up a property, and the best bit? Pack them up and take them with you when it’s time to move. 

  1.     Throws & blankets: plain, patterned, tasselled or quilted, blankets and throws are your best friend if you want to add a dash of colour or hide a multitude of sins. Choose the biggest throw possible to cover up a shabby sofa, drape a smaller throw over the threadbare arm of a chair or artfully place a folded blanket at the bottom of your bed for show home style.
  1.     Lamps & lights: forget fixed overhead lights, every design expert knows a room can be elevated with ambient lighting. Table lamps are a great way of making dark corners lighter – add a brightly-coloured shade and the lamp will look stunning even when the bulb is switched off. Don’t overlook fairy lights either. Choose battery-operated strings that can be draped over a mirror or displayed in a glass vase.
  1.     House plants: these living accessories are a vibrant way to bring colour to a neutrally-decorated property, while also helping to purify the air and improve your mood. There’s a house plant that will adapt to every room in your home, from ferns that love humid bathrooms to snake plants that thrive in direct sunlight. Choose a colourful ceramic pot and you’ll increase the interior impact.
  1.     Rugs: if changing your floor covering is not an option, don’t panic as rugs are here to save the day. Rugs can provide a room with a focal point or bring softness to more utilitarian spaces, such as the kitchen. Machine-washable designs even make it easy to use rugs in high-traffic areas. If it’s your garden that’s in need of a cover up, there are some excellent outdoor rugs that can be swept and hosed down to keep them clean. On the move? Just roll the rugs up ready for your next property.
  1.     Books: why read a book and randomly stick it back on the bookshelf when your paperbacks can be part of a cool interior design trend? Make an impactful display by organising the book spines in colour order, or neatly stack coffee table-style books on fashion, travel and photography and place a table lamp on top. 

If you’re looking for a new home where you can make your design mark, get in touch for the latest selection of available properties in your area.

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